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■ What are ADF?

ADF are non-profit organizations formed by volunteers, forest owners, town halls, agrarian or environmental associations in order to protect our forests and their ecosystems for our future generations.

One way to help as a volunteer in a wildland fire is by being a member of these organizations. The regulations do not allow any volunteers who are not members of an ADF to access to any wildland fire.



■ You can join as:

INDIVIDIAL MEMBER: If you are a wildland owner you can be part of an ADF and therefore benefit from aids for the improvement of the woods and for the building of infrastructures for fire prevention.

SOCIAL COMMITED COMPANY: Companies can contribute to their clear balance of CO2 emissions by donating or participating in conservation projects for the environment.

ACTIYE YOLUNTEER: After receiving training, you can obtain the yellow card to actively participate on the front lines within the team in the extinction of wildland fires.

COLLABORATING YOLUNTEER: You can help in logistic tasks, communicative tasks, or managerial tasks once holding the green card.

The wildland fires are the greatest threat of our wildland heritage and we need the participation of the civil society to preserve it through awareness, prevention, selfprotection and extinction. The ADF are the way to channel this volunteer work in our society.


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